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Download UAV Army Rar __LINK__

This expression should be specific enough that it will not pick up files fromother datasets. It should not include a file extension, as the dataset may be ina different file format than what it was originally downloaded as.

Download UAV Army rar

The Canadian Building Footprints dataset contains11,842,186 computer generated building footprints in all Canadian provinces andterritories in GeoJSON format. This data is freely available for download and use.

The EU-DEMdataset is a Digital Elevation Model of reference for the entire European region.The dataset can be downloaded from this websiteafter making an account. A dataset factsheet is availablehere.

iNaturalist is a joint initiative of theCalifornia Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society. It allowscitizen scientists to upload observations of organisms that can be downloaded byscientists and researchers.

At the moment, this dataset only supports the GRD product type. Data must beradiometrically terrain corrected (RTC). This can be done manually using a DEM,or you can download an On Demand RTC product from ASF DAAC.

The DeepGlobe Land Cover Classification Challenge datasetoffers high-resolution sub-meter satellite imagery focusing for the task ofsemantic segmentation to detect areas of urban, agriculture, rangeland, forest,water, barren, and unknown. It contains 1,146 satellite images of size2448 x 2448 pixels in total, split into training/validation/test sets, the originaldataset can be downloaded from Kaggle.However, we only use the training dataset with 803 images since the original testand valid dataset are not accompanied by labels. The dataset that we use with acustom train/test split can be downloaded from Kaggle (created as apart of Computer Vision by Deep Learning (CS4245) course offered at TU Delft).

The DFC2022dataset is used as a benchmark dataset for the 2022 IEEE GRSS Data Fusion Contestand extends the MiniFrance dataset for semi-supervised semantic segmentation.The dataset consists of a train set containing labeled and unlabeled imagery and anunlabeled validation set. The dataset can be downloaded from theIEEEDataPort DFC2022 website.

The Inria Aerial Image Labelingdataset is a building detection dataset over dissimilar settlements ranging fromdensely populated areas to alpine towns. Refer to the dataset homepage to downloadthe dataset.

UpdateUAV.exe is the payload initially downloaded from the malicious Word document. It is a 64-bit executable, written in Golang, 3.5MB in size, and UPX packed. Executable files created in the Go language tend to be slightly larger than most other executable files. Likely, this malware is packed with UPX to reduce the overall size of the executable being downloaded. Unpacked, the file is 6.6MB in total.

MoUsoCore.exe is the name of the payload that the dropper binary, UpdateUAV.exe, attempts to download and establish persistence for. Like the dropper itself, it is written in Go, and is UPX packed. The size of the binary in its packed state is 5.6MB, while in its unpacked state is 9.2MB.

Many of the strings referencing Nerbia were located in the companion dropper (UpdateUAV.exe). There are no references to Nerbia in the RAT payload itself (MoUsoCore.exe). Proofpoint assesses with high confidence that the dropper and RAT were both created by the same entity, and while the dropper may be modified to deliver different payloads in the future, the dropper is statically configured to download and establish persistence for this specific payload at the time of analysis.

Attack vectors: APT30 uses a suite of tools that includes downloaders, backdoors, a central controller and several components designed to infect removable drives and cross air-gapped networks to steal data. APT30 frequently registers its own DNS domains for malware CnC activities. 041b061a72


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