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SolarLoc™️ samples

SolarLoc™️ samples

If you are not sure on the width or end type of the listing, then it is encouraged to order a WIDTH sampler of Solar Loc Extensions™ with either natural curly ends or loose curl (Goddess) ends.sample packet prior to placing an official order. 


**What's included in the Natural or Goddess Ends Width Samplers** 

!two) 1mm locs

(two) 2mm locs

(two) 2.5mm locs

(two) 3mm locs


Lengths can vary, but most likely will be 4"-6."


Color of width samples will vary but usually will be natural black/brown.



If you are interested in the various color options, we offer single widths samples of 2 locs with natural ends.  You can choose the width (1mm, 2mm, or 3mm). Full-Color Sample packs contain all 3 widths (6 locs total). There are no half-widths (1.5mm or 2.5mm). You will need to special order those as this listing consists of locs already hand constructed and ready for quick shipping).


Solarloc color samples are offered in the following colors:

  • #4 - Chocolate Brown
  • #6- Lightest Brown/Dark Blonde
  • #praline#
  • #30 - Medium Auburn
  • #31 - Red Copper
  • #33 - Dark Auburn
  • #35 - Dark Red/Maroon (#35)
  • #27 - Honey Blonde
  • #613 - Bleach Blonde
  • #Platinum Blonde
  • #Light Grey
  • #Salt & Pepper
  • #Salt and Copper


However, please note that our other listings are made to order (unless otherwise stated) and have an average wait time of 2-4 weeks. Smaller quantities usually are completed faster and ship soone