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((EXCLUSIVE)) Free Netspend Reload Pack Numbers 13

I have used netspend for years, but never will again. Last week a friend owed me money and asked if they could send visa netspend as we are not in the same state. I agreed. I had 40 dollars in my account and I went to pay a 40 dollar bill but the card was continually declined. So I called netspend and was informed that I am charged a fee for every purchase, a monthly fee, a fee to load money on the card, and there are NO atms where you can withdrawal money for free! Needless to say, I was very upset. Then later on that day Facebook does what it does best with a targeted ad for NETSPEND. Well I lost it. I told my story multiple times in the comments. Now, a week later I am still seeing ads from netspend in my facebook feed. So I decided to check out the comments again. I cant comment or react to anything on netspends facebook page. Talk about censorship. This company sucks.

free netspend reload pack numbers 13



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