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Download Video Game Trailers: The Ultimate Guide for Gamers

The release of Final Fantasy XVI is getting closer so it is no wonder to see a new (very short) trailer pop out today. This time, it insists on the benefit of the PlayStation 5 hardware, though we hope the performance mode of the final version will be more convincing than the one of the demo. We don't mind playing at 30 fps in quality mode but it'd be nice to have a tougher choice to make between the two. This new video also promotes the upcoming bundle which will include both the console and the game.

can you download video game trailers

In the past few days, The Lords of the Fallen showed a bit more of its gameplay mechanics and world and we're very curious to see if this reboot will manage to be more convincing than the original game. One mechanic is actually reminiscent of Soul Reaver, which is clearly not a bad inspiration.

Atlas Fallen will be available this August and we're truly looking forward to playing Deck13's new game this summer. Focus Entertainment sent us a new video showcasing on gameplay and it's looking very promising to say the least.

HUMANITY came out about a month ago but we couldn't find the time to try it before this week. We wanted to though as the game's reception was excellent on the three systems it's available on and we can only recommend you check it out. The concept is close to that of Lemmings, the 1991 video game by DMA Design (now Rockstar North) where you had to lead rodents to the exit by using some of their special skills. Here, you play the role of a dog that stands as a sheperd for a crowd of people who can do nothing but move forward. Since you're granted a bunch of powers, your task is to guide them to safety by telling them when to turn, jump, etc. Since the flow of people is constant, you don't have the pressure of having to save at least a certain number of them, but even without a limited use of the powers you have at your disposal, the levels get more and more complicated, and all the more rewarding as a result. To sump up, it's an excellent puzzle game you'd be well advised to try if you like the genre.

Even if we can't offer you a lot of downloadable trailers like in the good old days, this year is a bit better than usual as we have some videos showed during the Xbox Showcase in 4K. Here are Avowed, Fable, Senua's Saga: Hellblade II and Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty.

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Ubisoft and Ivory Tower released another video of The Crew Motorfest but this time we get to see a lot more gameplay footage. Visually, the difference with the second game is pretty huge, as is the uncanny ressemblance with Forza Horizon.

Gamersyde is a commercial multiplatform web portal based in Europe, with hundreds of thousands of visitors each month from all over the world. We cover both handheld and video games platforms and the site has grown into one of the biggest gaming sites in the continent. We are able to offer fast news delivery and HD content from the upcoming games, and one of the greatest and friendliest gaming communities in the world. The HD content we provide always respects the original resolution and framerate of the games we capture, making Gamersyde the one and only place to get 1080p/4K/60fps videos with high bitrate. At a time when Youtube's subpar video compression has become the norm for most people on the Internet, we refuse to give up quality without a fight. We now also produce HDR videos, which can only be enjoyed by those who own compatible televisions. The content we produce is obviously not free of use should you want to upload our videos on your own website or YouTube channel.

Santa Monica, Calif. (September 20, 2006) -- GameTrailers (GT), a division of MTV Networks, today announced a strategic alignment with Xbox Live on Xbox 360. Once a month, GameTrailers will create new HD video game segments for Xbox Live Marketplace featuring exclusive free first looks at the hottest upcoming titles being released on Xbox 360.

Xbox Live Marketplace is a one-stop digital download center on Xbox 360 for additional high-definition game-related and entertainment content, from playable game demos and movie trailers to exclusive music videos and downloadable Xbox LiveArcade games. To showcase the power of the HD gaming experience, Xbox 360 has enlisted the expertise of GameTrailers - the premier online destination for broadcast quality video game media - to shoot, capture and edit HD game video content for Xbox Live members. GameTrailers will work closely with the Xbox Live Marketplace team to select the game to be covered each month.

"Xbox Live Marketplace is the perfect outlet for the type of broadcast quality content that we produce," said Jon Slusser, VP of GameTrailers. "Having the ability to see the features of the game in high definition on your television is as close to playing the actual game as you can get."

The latest GT HD segment for Xbox Live Marketplace is an in-depth look at Madden NFL 07, featuring exclusive interviews with the game's producers and designers along with HD Gameplay segments. Recent segments include comprehensive previews of popular Xbox 360 titles such as Ghost Recon: Advance Warfighter, NCAA Football 07, Ninety Nine Nights and Far Cry Instincts: Predator, while upcoming segments will showcase Splinter Cell Double Agent, Mass Effect, Forza 2, Gears of War and more.

"We are always seeking new ways to enhance the Xbox 360 gaming and entertainment experience with premium high-definition content that consumers can't get on any other gaming console," said Aaron Greenberg, Group Marketing Manager, Xbox Live. "With GameTrailers' expertise and skill, we can deliver exclusive HD video game segments that will excite Xbox 360 gamers all over the world."

GameTrailers (GT) is the premier online destination for broadcast quality videogame media. GT delivers timely, high resolution broadband video content for gamers that includes product features and reviews; video game movie trailers; GameTrailers Television (GTTV) coverage of news and events; interviews with industry thought leaders, and more. GT has a robust community that features user-generated content, so gamers can talk to friends and share media such as fan movies, machinima and daily blogs. GT has offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.

Announcement trailer: super short (30s), more cutscenes than gameplay, little text (launch date), minimal call to action (follow). Aims to get people excited without revealing too much.

DLC release trailer: long (>1min), focus on gameplay and the new features, content of interest to fans (eg. dev interviews). Aims to tell the fan base about new features that they can upgrade to.

Live-action: live-action footage is rare in game trailers. Mainly because it's often not the medium that game developers are most comfortable with. But done well, live action will make your trailer stand out, and engage beyond the traditional gamer fanbase.

Straight-into the gameplay: jump right in! This is best for situations where users already know about the game, and you want to emphasize new aspects of the gameplay (eg. DLC releases)

Long plot description: In this case, the intro takes up almost the entire length of the trailer. Great if you have an animated sequence of fantastic quality that tells an interesting story, and if viewers are already familiar with the gameplay.

Imagine how much better the Dragon Flight trailer would have been with just a few zooms on the action. Some screen shakes, and some slo-mos would have helped too. If the point was to make us see how crazy the game gets, then adding a few cinematographic effects would make the crescendo more tangible.

In some cases, it may help to animate around the gameplay. This makes sense to do if the gameplay is monotonous, can't be improved with just editing tricks. It's not animation for the sake of animation, it needs to be adding to the story told in the trailer.

Avoid static camera angle: trailers that are filmed from just one angle tend to be boring to watch (eg. long wide shot in ). Instead add close-ups and panning even if it means loosing a bit of pixelization

For PS3 and Xbox, you'll need a video capture card (good article here). For iPhones, you can invest in a video capture card or use Display Recorder or other hacks (more here). For PC games, Fraps has been the standard for a long time. You want something that won't slow down the game and drop frames while recording.

Use Videopixie - a marketplace of editors and animators: you upload the assets, then editors submit multiple cuts, and you pick the style you like best. It's the easiest way to get lots of creative videos for your game without breaking the bank, and without spending your nights editing yourself.

These stats signal the soaring popularity of video marketing. Therefore, launching a video game trailer is an ideal way to drive interest in your upcoming game. Here are certain dos and don'ts to be mindful of for producing a fantastic video game trailer.

Gameplay is the footage of what your game looks like when played. It is the crucial element of a video game trailer you cannot afford to overlook. Gaming companies make a game trailer solely to let the audience know and "feel" the game. Therefore, adding a glimpse of the gameplay is essential. It will prevent miscommunication and ensure the players are not disheartened after downloading your game but get what they expected. A peek into the game will ensure the customers don't think you over-promised and under-delivered.

In contrast, not adding any gameplay can be misleading. You never know how the players will interpret your trailer that doesn't have any gameplay. However, adding gameplay will give them a clear picture, and they'd be in a better place to decide whether to download your game or not.

When adding gameplay clips, use different sections of the game to give a larger picture. Give a subtle glimpse of the exciting events that leave the viewers wanting more. If your game doesn't have camera movements, don't hesitate to add zooms and slow-motion shots. The cinematographic effects will make your trailer engaging, encouraging players to download the game. In addition, you can add additional sound effects that aren't in the gameplay. This will amplify the intensity of your trailer. Lastly, ensure your gameplay is in high resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio.


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