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Fergie - Fergalicious (Official Music Video)

"Fergalicious" was a commercial success in the United States and moderately so in several other countries. In the United States, it peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 and at number two on the Pop Songs chart. "Fergalicious" was certified 4 platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America and sold over 3.5 million digital downloads, becoming Fergie's second best selling song in the United States.[4][5] In Australia and New Zealand, the song peaked at numbers four and five respectively and received gold certifications. In Europe, the song peaked within the top thirty on several different charts across the continent, including high positions in Finland, Norway, Belgium and France. An accompanying music video was directed by Fatima Robinson and features Fergie and in a candy factory, supposedly inspired by Willy Wonka.

Fergie - Fergalicious (Official Music Video)

The video premiered on MTV on October 24, 2006, and premiered on Yahoo! Music on October 31, 2006. The music video was filmed in Hollywood, and directed by Fatima Robinson, who also directed the "My Humps" music video. from The Black Eyed Peas also appears in the video, which features[citation needed] Fergie as Willy Wonka in a candy factory called "Fergieland" (the factory was nameless in the original book and both film versions). The video starts with the Oompa Loompas packaging pink and purple boxes of "Fergalicious" candy. In the beginning of the video, Fergie sings in a field of candy canes with the Oompa Loompas. Throughout the video, she wears a tan and khaki girl scout outfit, sports a black one-piece swimsuit while lying in a pile of candy, (often in a kaleidoscope view) works out in a colorful gym flexing her biceps, sings in a room filled with lollipops and other candies while dressed like Shirley Temple, and pops out of a cake while wearing a tiny blue swimsuit with gems encrusted on the exterior. She then starts watching two women wrestle in cake before joining them at the end of the video. Towards the end of the video, Fergie opens and then plays a few notes on a Samsung K5 MP3 Player, giving it center focus in the screen; there then follow, interspersed in the remaining frames of the videos, shots of other characters in the video either listening to the player, presenting it to the camera with a big smile, or carefully handing the player to another extra.[34] As of April 2022, the music video for "Fergalicious" has been viewed over 232 million times on popular video-sharing website, YouTube.[35]

Seeing how prevalent themes such as sexual objectification, sexualization of girlhood, and ejaculatory imagery are in the music videos we see every day is extremely disturbing. It continues to be a problem and is very much relevant to the things we continue to view today. These themes are also not limited to just music videos; it is in movies, television shows, advertisements, and the media. Just imagine if this continues and our daughters and sons view these themes in the media. They will be taught that things such as sexual objectification is normal and to just accept it. Would we want our daughters to look and act like the women being portrayed in modern music videos? Do we want our sons growing up thinking their job is to sexualize women and to objectify them? Do we want our children to view this material and become normalized to it and start to self-objectify?

Al brano partecipa anche il compagno dei Black Eyed Peas nonché produttore esecutivo dell'album Il singolo non è stato pubblicato ufficialmente in Italia né nel Regno Unito, dove è stato diffuso solamente un anno dopo, come doppia A-side in cui era incluso anche .chiarimentobackground:#ffeaea; .chiarimento-apicecolor:red[senza fonte], ma nonostante ciò, il singolo è riuscito a raggiungere la posizione #26 nella UK Official Download Chart.Il 4 dicembre 2006 Fergie e hanno eseguito la canzone ai Billboard music awards e nei Big In '06 Awards.Il video di Fergalicious ha vinto il premio "video più sexy" degli MTV Australia Video Music Awards e come "Best International Video - Artist" agli Much Music Video Awards.

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