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Hill Climb Racing 2: A Bigger, Better and Much More Funner Racing Game for PC

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a physics driven racing game that promises players plenty of thrills and spills. Players are faced with a race course full of hills and need to work out exactly how much power to use to make it over the hills without tipping their car over and having to go back to the start.

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Players will need to have plenty of patience in order to work out exactly how much power they need to use in order to make it up each hill. those who are just starting out playing Hill Climb Racing 2 are likely to find that they spend more time upside down than actually racing and although this can be a bit frustrating, there is a real feeling of satisfaction when the hill is finally mounted.

One thing is for sure: even if car games are not your main genre, you probably enjoyed some great titles from your childhood like Mario Kart or any game from the Need For Speed or Gran Turismo series. These are some great games that made history, but one thing they have in common is that they cost money. Well, if you find yourself in a situation where you are trying to save some money, or you wish to spend less, this article is just for you. I spent some time putting together a list of the best racing games on PC that you can download and play for free.

When it comes to free racing games, the Asphalt series never fails to impress. High-adrenaline racing, packed with lots of stunts and tricks and accompanied by great graphics. With more than 300 cars to choose from and over 400 career races, Asphalt 8 is still one of the best free racing games, despite being released in 2013. It can be downloaded on the PC for free from the below Microsoft Store page:

TrackMania Nations is one of the best free racing games ever made. Released in 2008, this free racing game still has online servers full of players and a great community that is still alive. TrackMania Nations Forever features both single and multiplayer game modes where you can race on pre-made tracks, create your own, or try the best player-made tracks on online servers. The game is highly competitive and players from all around the world race against each other for the Dedimania World records. You can download the game on your PC completely free at the below location:

Jim Kitchen, a blind computer programmer, offers free downloads of speech-friendly DOS and Windows games at his web site, The games include Wincar3, which is similar to the Atari car-racing game Pole Position; Wincas, which features traditional casino games; Golf82c, which is an updated golfing game with improved sound sequencing, a practice green, and a driving range; and Doslife, which is similar to the board game Life.


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